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modern tool for building capacity for working with young men on prevention of violence

In 2012, Status: M spent one month in the United States, in Washington, on study visit of organization of national character (Promundo International) that has experience in conducing courses of e-learning in South America (Mexico and Brazil). Since then and until 2013, our team intensively works on creating “Best until now” internet course.

Innovative approach

Project overview



  • All modern browsers
  • Tablet devices
  • Smartphones


Internet course was created on Docebo platform, already made program solution for online tutoring. By the MZOS project, resources for pilot implementation of internet course were secured, in which we tested internet course together with 15 associates of Agency for Education, teachers, educators, psychologists and other staff of partner schools.

Participants of the course Internet portal M-center, within which is Internet course “Young Men Initiative” available assured three persons who are over-watching the progress of the group and are available to them during course.

The course consists of 4 chapters and that implies that participants finishes all elements of one chapter in order to be able to approach next chapter. Total duration of the course is one month.

Participants can register on the course by sending request to our main e-mail address, after which we’ll create an account and send all the necessary info for signing in and start-up.

In the beginning and in the end participants fill in pre and post testing and evaluation of the course, in order to assure system of evaluating quality of course conduction and the possibility of continuously specialization of it. Also, in this way we will estimate the efficiency of conduction throughout improvement in knowledge about specified topics.



  • Creating modern tool for building capacity for working with young men on prevention of violence that is innovative on national level
  • Enabling workers of schools and other institutions working with youth available, time customizable and interesting tool for improving skills and knowledge in preventing acts


  • Creating a tool for additional training about prevention work with young men and specifics of it, using non-formal education and positive approach of development for young men


  • Answering on needs of institutions with which we cooperated in further support in preventing activities

Course details

Contents & requirements


Each of four chapters (Why working with young men, Manual M, Intellect and emotions, From violence to peaceful coexistence) consists of:


It is about necessary literature linked to topic of the chapter, based on Manual M.


Each chapter has at least 2 movies with duration of 15 minutes, where we demonstrate using of prevention methodology.


By online tutoring, we encourage discussion and assign topics related to chapter, in order to give personal feedback on structure and process for participants. Likewise, request of each chapter is to give essay related to topic on forum, and they are used as a topic for discussion and way of evaluating understanding basic messages of chapter.


In the end of each chapter participants are filling short questionnaire which is needed to conclude the chapter.


Materials related to topic are available to participants and they can use them in their further work, and they are also used as extra materials for preparation of essay.

Further discussions are available on M-Centre forum

The course consists of 4 chapters (Why working with young men, Manual M, Intellect and emotions, From violence to peaceful coexistence) which are connected in one whole unit

1.Why working with young men

In this chapter we stress out specifies and possibilities that working with young men represents.

2.Manual M

Throughout this unit we explain the use of Manual M with stressing out positive approach in developing young men and non-formal education.

3.Intellect and emotions

This chapter is directed on work of building life skills in young men

4.From violence to peaceful coexistence

In this chapter we give practical skill and examples on how to work on violence prevention with young men


By fulfilling all demands of the course, participants get certificate by which is confirmed that they passed the course.

After the course ends, participants always have approach to all materials of the course, but also approach to forum in order to connect with members of their group, as well as further groups of course participants.